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About EkoWATT

EkoWATT is one of the main Czech energy, economy and living environment consultancy companies. It was established in 1990 as a non-profit organization. During EkoWATT's existence it has become a professional consulting and expertise company, whose accomplishments have been awarded both in the Czech Republic and internationally. Our branch offices in Prague and Ceské Budejovice are among the most visited and well respected consultancies in the Czech Republic.

EkoWATT's target is to support effective and nature friendly use of energy sources and to support the energy sustainability of buildings, municipalities and regions. We provide high quality and objective consulting. We try to help our clients to make better and more effective choices and decisions. We aim to be a confident and reliable partner in the area of energy consulting. We innovate - we do things which do not exist yet.

To accomplish our mission we concentrate mainly on:

Our services are used by architects, designers, government and non-profit organizations, municipalities, schools and hospitals, research institutions, landowners, businessmen, agricultural and manufacturing companies, foreign and international institutions, other companies, research centers and, last but not least, the public.

In 1996 EkoWATT was awarded The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Environmental Award for the Ekologization and Optimalization of Energy Treatment in the Boží Dar urban area.

Main Values and Principles of Our Activity

Within our activities we always hold the principle of objectivity and neutrality - our consulting service is provided independently of commercial companies, we do not prioritize any of producers or sellers of technologies, we only follow the professional angle. We are proud of our high levels of expertise, professionalism and reliability - we pay attention to the high qualification, special skills and experience, work quality and systematic education of our workers and the acquisition of the latest information and knowledge in our field. One of the most important principles, that we follow, is that of innovations - we bring new propositions and approaches, we implement completely new projects and research programs.

No less important for us is the internal culture and high quality operation of our organization - EkoWATT CZ s. r. o. is a holder of a quality certificate ISO 9001. We also follow the principles of environmental management and sustainable consumption - EkoWATT CZ s. r. o is an ISO 14001 certificate holder.

Certifications of Buildings

Why a certification?

Significant buildings do not happen without certification nowadays. Certification is often a necessary condition for some tenants or potential investors, especially in the case of investment funds and global players in the real estate market.

Certification provides higher rentability, lower costs and higher overall yields. Certification is a guarantee of quality and long-term safety of investment.

Higher indoor environmental quality and comfort demonstrably increases work performance and reduces absenteeism. A seat at in a prestigious certificated building improves a company‘s perception in the public eye.

Certificated building means fewer maintenance worries, tuned systems and lower costs. The introduction of process operation of a building according to LEED provides facility management providers competitive advantage and permanent contracts

LEED certification

LEED is a globally acclaimed certification scheme with the fastest growing number of certifications. LEED rates a building during its establishment (New Construction or Core&Shell) or later during its use (Existing Building: Operation and Maintenance EB:OM). Interior rental spaces can be certified as well (Commercial Interiors). Certification rates environmental impact, consumption of water and energy, used materials, indoor environmental quality and qualities necessary for effective work for the end user.

BREEAM certification

BREEAM is the second widely used certification scheme in the Czech Republic, after LEED It is a globally widespread British system. Outside of the UK, BREEAM is used in the BREEAM International format, covering three sectors: Administrative buildings, Commercial and Industrial buildings, in other cases individual frameworks are determined. Certification rates environmental impact, consumption of water and energy, used materials, indoor environmental quality and qualities necessary for effective work for the end user.

EkoWATT offers complete services for both custom LEED and BREAM certification.

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