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Why choose EkoWATT

Objectivity and independence

We deal exclusively with expert energy consultants. We do not sell or resell energy or technologies and we do not provide construction works. Also we do not have any relationships with providers of technologies and solutions. As a result we can provide objective and independent consultancy. We entirely follow the expert standpoint.

High proficiency and know-how

We are team of top energy auditors and other experts with specialization in technical, economical and administrative areas. We continuously invest in education and qualification increase. Most of the EkoWATT employees are members of National Consultants Register, accredited consultants of EKIS (Energy Consultancy and Informational System) and authorized engineers of ČKAIT (Czech Chamber of Certified Engineers and Technicians).

Professionalism and reliability

EkoWATT is a leading Czech consultancy company in the field of energetics. It was founded in 1990 and since this time it has become a professional consultancy and expert company whose accomplishments have been awarded iboth in the Czech Republic and internationally. Our EKIS consultation office belongs among the most visited and well respected in the Czech Republic.


The quality of our operations and conduct of our our projects and commissions is guaranteed by system of quality and environmental management according to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Assurance of profession responsibility

EkoWATT and its auditors are bound by a high-quality assurance of professional responsibility.

Recency and new trends

We keep up to date with new information and knowledge in our area including new trends abroad. We run our own research projects and develop new methods and tools. We take part in preparing new directives and conceptions in energetics. We set the pace and trends of energy consulting in the Czech Republic.


We do not offer the routine. We bring new and innovative ideas and solutions. The wide interdisciplinary cooperation of our team members together with the results of our own research frequently brings new solutions that only later get written into the textbooks.


Due to optimized processes and using specialized software tools we are able to make high-quality energy audits and studies fast, effectively and for a reasonable price.

Client orientation and loyalty

We fully respect the views and needs of our clients. We prefer to make our solutions as profitable as possible for the client rather than just making them strictly according to directives and legislation. We always stay by your side!

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