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Administrative office buildings, schools, hospitals, bureaus

Energy study of the Anděl Media Centre administrative building, Business Centrum 2000 s.r.o.

Analysis of construction elements and building services of the Jeremiášova industrial area, ACI Reality, s.r.o.

Optimisation of energy management in the SMP administrative building in Beroun

Study of heating possibilities, Café & Restaurant Slavia

Study of building services reconstruction for The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic

Energy audits of buildings: Academy of Sciences CR, Police CR, Kolodějě mansion (Office of the Government), Supreme Audit Office, Prosek Health Centre, and others

Energy optimisation of the school building reconstruction project in Kostelecké Horky, INDEX-SDA

Factory buildings and plants, storage grounds, agricultural plants

Energy audit for the energy-economic optimization of a factory building, Donaldson Czech Republic s.r.o.

Energy audit of the KAMAX industrial plant, Turnov

Heating possibilities in the AVIA Letňany factory building, ESSA Czech spol. s.r.o.

Possible utilization of renewable energy sources and energy reduction in the Jeneč manufacture and storage ground, SKANSKA Property

Energy reduction solutions project for BILLA storage area

Study of renewable energy sources utilization for RIGIPS s.r.o. company

Alternative Energy System Solution in Sublima Březnice by biomass combustion, Center for Clean Air Policy

Business plans, installations of renewable energy sources

Feasibility study of heat pumps installation for heating of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Marketing study - Manufacturing of pellet combustion unit, Karma Český Brod a.s.

Energy audit of a small water plant for paper manufacture with recuperation of exhaust-heat, EKOPA Papírna Potůčky

Energy audits of wind farms: Boží Dar, Sileka s.r.o., and others

Energy audits of photovoltaic plants: SOLAR VK s.r.o., Eneloka s.r.o., In-Power s.r.o., M-Tech s.r.o., EGF s.r.o., and others

Urban areas, municipalities and regions

Technical-economical study of the heating system of the city of Česká Lípa

Utilization of renewable energy sources in the Karlovy Vary region

Energy study of the municipality of Boží Dar

Energy conception of the city of Pardubice

Family houses and apartment buildings

Energy-economical optimizations of tens of family houses

Energy-economical optimization of the Kalvodova apartment building in Brno

Energy audits of apartment buildings e.g. for Prague City and its districts Prague 2 and Prague 7

Building Envelope Certificate for terraced family houses, STARTER HOMES s.r.o.

Research and development

Complex analysis of alternative energy sources

A systematic approach to the reduction of environmental stress in connection with construction and building, with an emphasis on the links between construction and energy use

Research and analysis of conditions and administrative barriers for connecting renewable electric energy sources to the distribution grid in the Czech Republic

Evaluation of the economical parameters of biomass utilization

Expert system TESES

HESTIA software for the simulations of energy consumptions of buildings

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